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Our mission is to deliver sustainably sourced seafood in an upmarket atmosphere. Coupled with our top tier beverage program, we strive to create an unparalleled dining experience.

Our commitment to sustainability can be seen at every level of the business; from our local suppliers to our support of the Ocean Wise and Plastic Wise programs,​ and our aim to remove as much environmentally unfriendly waste as possible.

*please note that due to lbs. pursuing a more sustainable approach to our menu, we will no longer be serving whole lobster.

Sign the pledge to #beplasticwise & SAVE OUR OCEANS 🌊 ocean.org/pledge

spoil yourself.
  • monday

    4 - 7pm

    half off at the watercooler*

    50% off house cocktails, beer, wine by the glass



We are proud to say that we are a partner of the Ocean Wise Seafood Program. Through our commitment to protecting our oceans and supporting ethical fishing, we select our different seafood options carefully. We are glad to say that most of our seafood options are certified by Ocean Wise, which allows us to provide you with several sustainable seafood choices.

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